Welcome to the NEW ElanAlum.ORG!


Ken Zaretzky, the Founder of the Elan Alum website, passed away on February 6, 2011. Please join me in keeping Ken and his family on our thoughts during this difficult time.


Good to see you here!

Many of us have different feelings and opinions about Elan or our time there. If you discuss it with people who were at Elan together you may find that their feelings about or opinions of the time they shared there are often quite different. When you ask alumni of Elan who were there many years apart about their time at Elan you may get the feeling they are talking about different places. They might well be, in a way.

Elan, Elan School has been many places to many people over many years.

Elan One of course was very briefly in Harrison, then Naples, then Sebago which burned to the ground one cold January morning in 1973. Elan two, in Waterford had been opened a few months earlier which allowed a haven for the residents of Elan One.

After a few months in Waterford, the residents of Elan One moved to a former hunting lodge in Poland, Maine which eventually became Elan Three.

Elan expanded the Poland "campus" to four houses at one time, two in Waterford and one in Parsonsfield. Very few of us remember, or even know that both Elan five and six began in a house in Auburn that is now Central Maine State College or that there was once (for about a day) a house in Mattawamkeg.

It might be a story about a Therapeutic Community, a Drug Rehabilitation Center, an Adolescent Treatment Facility or a school. But it isn't.

This site and the story here aren't about Elan at all. The story is about us. The people who were there. Not us then, but us right now.

It's a long story, lot of feelings and opinions for a lot of people. Often very different and sometimes conflicting feelings and opinions.

This site isn't about those feelings or opinions. This never has been and never will be a debate site. Debate can be useful, just not here. This site is far more about unity. It is certainly about history. But it is about a few other more important things also.

Someone once summed it up better than the owners/developers of ElanAlum.com ever could. This site is about "Keeping in touch and helping each other out." Really that simple. That is the point of Elanalum.com. The main point anyway.

Here you will find a community dedicated to keeping a very old promise. The promise that you will always have friends, someone to talk to and a helping hand if you need one. ElanAlum.com is about keeping that promise. Just like we have been since 1999. We intend to keep keeping it.

There is no agenda here. ElanAlum.com isn't pro or anti Elan. It isn't anti-anyone. It is pro Elan Alumni. Just "Keeping in touch and helping each other out." This site is for the many graduates and other alumni of Elan and their families. There is absolutely nothing here for anyone else.

If you are a graduate, former resident or former staff member of The Elan School, you are welcome here. To all others, please respect our privacy. There is nothing for you here.

Please enjoy your stay here. This site is being redeveloped, so keep checking back for new features!