Do Any of You Remember Me?

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Do Any of You Remember Me?

Postby Montagraph » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:37 am

You might remember me as Ervin Johnson, Jr. I was there during the 70's. I am looking to catch up with some old friends. You can find out about my recovery since being in your fine program at the following places.

I call what I do online "comedy." If you see videos of me stalking small children, it's just MAGIK and one of my many illusions. I pretend to eat poo for comedy purposes, so don't get alarmed!! I even have an enigmatic character I call TheUmbrellaMan where I kill a different woman every week! Sure do! *No real bodies have been found as of yet in my crawlspace* *pinky swear*

Bobby Knobbs is simply my favorite! Sure is. I love dabbing on a little lip gloss & showing how much I took from the group meetings. It's truly inspiring! Sure is!

I simply cannot wait to catch up with my good friends from Elan. Sure Can! Mmhmm!

Come by and see what I do now & if you like me, subscribe!

-Ervin Johnson, Jr.
Proud Elan Alumni
Isn't this neat?
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