New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan...Afte

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 New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan...Afte

Postby duckpublisher » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:52 pm

After 40 years, troubling questions still remain about child abuse in Maine.
New book seeks justice for former residents of  Elan.
They are souls still seeking justice, if not vengeance.
The former residents of Elan, tortured as teenagers at a center for troubled adolescents in Maine, want reparations for their abuse.
Elan operated for nearly 40 years in Poland Spring until it voluntarily closed in 2011 because many of its former residents - now adults referring to themselves " survivors" - waged a campaign to tell their experiences via social media and anti-Elan websites. Their negative publicity resulted in declining enrollment and the eventual shuttering of the facility.
Author Maura Curley hopes the survivors of Elan will find the resolution other victims of child abuse are granted, often belatedly. Her updated book,  Duck in a Raincoat, sheds new light on a story that has never been fully explored or explained, and it raises even more questions about for profit residential centers for teenagers, their origins and the people who run them. 

Two decades ago Curley wrote a scathing portrait of Joe Ricci, Élan’s founder, racetrack owner, and two-time candidate for governor. The book included interviews with former residents and investigators from three states that independently corroborated Elan’s bizarre punishments.
Now Curley has issued an Amazon Kindle edition with a new introduction, chapter updates and a dramatic epilogue. The Kindle edition includes new testimony from former Elan residents at  Michael Skakel’s murder trial in 2002, a damning report by investigators from New York’s Department of Education in 2007, as well as Curley’s December 2012 interview with former Maine state senator Bill Diamond, who helped Elan renew its  Maine’s Department of Education licensing for the past 15 years . Curley also includes  reactions from former Elan residents, after the facility's closure.
 The book includes stunning revelations of psychological manipulation, drug use, child abuse, and the alleged manipulation of a jury that awarded Ricci $15 million verdict from a suit he filed against his bank.  Curley also reveals how Ricci got the iconic 60 Minutes to feature a flattering portrayal of him as a quintessential victim, while he was tyrannizing others.
 Elan residents have previously posted excerpts from Curley’s original book via social media and on anti Élan websites, prompting more Elan’s survivors to tell their stories. Curley says she wrote the update, to provide another voice to the victims of Elan, many of whom she met after writing the first edition of Duck in a Raincoat.  
She says, “ Many former residents have died by their own hand and others, devastated by their abuse, are still seeking justice from a system that repeatedly ignored their claims of well-documented and widely corroborated horrors.”
In the new edition Curley is more outraged by the continuation of abuse 20 years after she first documented it, because of what she has learned since.
 She states, “Apathy and ignorance are inexcusable when it comes to regulating the
welfare of minors” and says  “it’s not too late to hold the Elan administrators and the
state of Maine accountable…”
Elan made both Ricci and his partner Dr. Gerald Davidson millionaires many times over. It wasn’t until Davidson was dying of cancer that he finally revealed the truth about his partner. A prominent Massachusetts psychiatrist, and former Harvard University professor.
Davidson even lent Curley his medical textbooks to illustrate Ricci's psychopathic personality.
Curley states that In the final year of Elan's operation tuition was $54,000 per student.
Conservative math puts Elan’s four decades of profits in the hundreds of millions.

A journalist and insider, who once worked for Ricci, Curley meticulously chronicles abuses at Elan, which she didn’t discover until after she stopped working for Ricci. She also relays her first person account as a marketing consultant for Ricci’s companies and his campaign for governor.  Ricci died in 2002, but Sharon Terry, Ricci’s widow continued to operate Elan with senior staff, dating back to the 1970s, until she closed it last year.

Look Inside Duck in a Raincoat at Amazon ... a+raincoat
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Re:  New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan...A

Postby Admin » Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:03 pm

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Give me one good reason why I shouldn't delete this post and remove your user. Just one.

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P. S. - Your book is not new nor relevent here. Please go back to Fornits.
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Re:  New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan...A

Postby duckpublisher » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:18 pm

Hi Rich,
Thanks for reaching out and asking one good reason why you should not remove my post, along with your p.s. that the book " is not new or relevant."
1. Duck in a Raincoat's recent update is NEW. It contains a NEW Introduction, chapter updates and an extensive epilogue that details how many Elan survivors helped shut down elan in 2011,and an interview with Bill Diamond, former Maine state senator who helped Elan keep its licensing for the15 years he was on the Elan payroll until 2011. (Diamond told Duck author Maura Curley, during a December 2012 interview that he never actually was on site at Elan.)

2.The book IS relevant because many damaging so called "therapeautic" centers such as Elan are still making fortunes for founders, who care more about profits than teens. Duck takes an in depth look at Joe RIcci, Elan's founder and tells an important back story. Since the update was published Maura Curley has heard from many Elan alum thanking her for enlightening them about RIcci's other life. Previoulsy they only knew Ricci as the Elan God, and reading about his interaction outside of Elan helped them enormously put their Ricci experience in perspective. She has also heard from parents too.

Dan Bostdorf
Maura Curley

3.Information is power AND empowering. I really don't kow if there is a hidden agenda to, but if you want it to be a " gathering place for Elan alumni, fomer residents and parents of residents" why not share info that migth be interesting and/pr beneficial. In my opion there is too much damaging currently being done by reality show such as " teen Trouble" with Josh Shipp.

Here are three reasons for keeping the post. Thanks again for the communication.
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Re:  New book seeks justice for former residents of Elan...A

Postby duckpublisher » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:52 pm

Hello Rich,
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