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Jennifer Stamler

Postby Shmegma Goldstein » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:08 pm

Hi everyone

I was sent to that Gulag in 74 when I turned 13 by parents who did not want, love or need me, I never knew humanity could sink so low and I barely survived that ordeal. Does anyone remember a young woman by the name of Jennifer Stamler? so was so cruelly abused by these demonic tormentors she went insane, I believe these cock suckers secretly took her out to be lobotomized like these cunts did to millions of non-jews in Red Russia during Stalins day. Oh by the way all the directors are descendants directly blood related to those tormentors and it was all government sanctioned back then over there just like it was over here . imagine that. Looks like the wrong side won ww2

thank you :)
Shmegma Goldstein
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